Tax Collections

The IRS uses a system of aggressive collection practices and assessed penalties to ensure that taxes are paid and that taxpayers are in compliance with their obligations. The IRS is one of the toughest creditors to deal with because it can directly garnish your wages, seize your assets, and damage your credit. The IRS will send out notices before it files a lien or attempts to levy your wages, retirement accounts, bank accounts or social security funds. Don’t ignore these notices. Contact us today so we can help you find a solution for dealing with your tax liabilities. Whether the liabilities are correct and you need to settle them or if they are incorrect and you want to know if they can still be disputed, we can help make the pieces fit for you.

Before the IRS will place a lien or levy, you will get a formal notice, often sent via certified mail giving you the right to a Collection due process hearing or CDP hearing. There is a strict timeframe to request a hearing and certain rights are afforded when one is requested.

Don’t feel stuck or threatened by the IRS. Contact us today and let us help you resolve these issues so you can sleep better and move on with your life.