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Tax is an integral part of our society, regardless of whether we like it or not. There is a tax impact to nearly everything we do, and tax exists on federal, state, and local levels. There is sales tax, use tax, income tax, payroll tax, reemployment tax, unemployment tax, property tax, gift and estate tax, and other types of tax as well.

There are a lot of reasons that lead people to calling Orlando Tax Law for their personal or business tax matters. Sometimes, the IRS, Florida Department of Revenue, or other tax agencies get things wrong, or worse, become overzealous and unrelenting.

Sometimes, hardships befall people that lead them to have unfiled returns or be unable to pay. Sometimes, there are systemic computer errors. Sometimes, people just make mistakes. Tax issues have the potential to negatively impact every part of your life or your business. They cause anxiety, stress, relationship disputes, and loss of sleep.

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Orlando Tax law is well-respected boutique tax controversy and litigation law firm specializing in disputes involving taxpayers and government taxing authorities, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Florida Department of Revenue (DOR). We represent individuals and businesses in audits/examinations, collections matters, Tax Court, State Court, and District Court litigation, and other types of tax disputes.  We also represent taxpayers when the IRS owes them money.  We are NOT a resolution company. We are a law firm and are held accountable to the State Bar Associations in which we hold our licenses.

While we serve the greater Orlando area and have clients all over Florida, we also help people from all over the country.

Assisting Individuals Engaged in Tax Controversies

Orlando Tax Law represents people in many different types of tax controversies. We frequently represent individuals before the IRS in audit or examination matters, which could include a paper or correspondence audit, an AUR or Automated Underreporter Unit case involving an IRS notice CP2000, or a full blown “in person” audit. Having representation in these matters is important since we can preserve appeals rights, preserve issues, and try to settle cases without the need of litigation. At the same time, if litigation is needed to preserve your interest and get the best result, we are prepared to do that. Orlando Tax Law has attorneys admitted in District Court and in Tax Court and we frequently represent individuals in both.

We also assist clients who have unfiled or missing returns. Sometimes all that is necessary to fix a tax issue is file missing returns or amend returns that are incorrect. At Orlando Tax Law, we have a team approach and part of our team consists of licensed CPAs or accountants who can prepare the needed returns, amended returns, or other tax filings as needed in your case.

If you do owe tax liability, we can help resolve that liability by reviewing and providing you your options for settlement, whether that settlement is helping arrange full payment, setting up an installment agreement or payment plan, negotiating penalty abatements, or negotiating currently not collectible status (CNC) or an Offer in Compromise (OIC) settlement.

We also represent clients who are looking for resolution of their federal tax lien issues, their state tax warrant issues, and passport revocation issues.

If you have any personal tax issue before the IRS or Florida DOR (and many other state taxing authorities), chances are we can help, so please give us a call.

Assisting Individuals Engaged in Tax Controversies
Providing Tax Guidance to Businesses

Providing Tax Guidance to Businesses

Orlando Tax Law also assists businesses and their owners in tax matters before the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) (and many other states). Business tax matters can be very serious as they not only potentially impact the business, which is a lifeline to the owners and the employees, but may impact the owners themselves.

Federal and State tax compliance requirements often depend on how the business is structured or set up. As such, different types of tax returns or tax forms may be required to be filed depending on the business entity and how it functions. For example, a Florida Limited Liability Company taxed as an S-Corporation may not have Florida State income tax returns due but may be required to file State reemployment and sales tax returns. At the federal level, that S-Corporation may need to file an 1120s for federal income taxes, 941s for payroll taxes and 940s for federal unemployment. That S-corp, depending on the business, will also need to issue k-1s to its owners, and may also need to issue W2s to employees, 1099-Misc to any contractors or vendors.

Missing returns or failing to remit payment with any of these returns, if necessary, can cause a myriad of tax issues. Sometimes, depending on the tax, the IRS or DOR can personally hold the individual responsible for the unpaid business tax liability. And failing to remit payment or failing to file forms can also lead to the accrual of penalties and interest.

Regardless of the business tax issue, Orlando Tax Law can help. We are experienced in assisting both small businesses and large corporations in their tax matters before the IRS and DOR, whether it be an audit or examination, or a collection matter, or an individual trust fund penalty assessment. We have represented businesses involving even a few thousand dollars in dispute to large companies that have millions of dollars at issue.

Let an Orlando Tax Lawyer Lead the Way

There are usually two sides or functions of any taxing agency; the audit or examination side where books and records may be examined in order to determine the correct amount of tax liability under the law, and the collections side. On the audit/examination side of the fence, the tax has generally not yet been assessed and since it is not due, there is a chance to dispute the liability that the government agency is proposing to assess. Once the tax has been assessed, if it is not paid, taxpayers find themselves on the other side of the fence: the collections side. On the collections side, the taxing authority (IRS or DOR or any other governmental taxing authority) is trying to use whatever is in its legal powers to collect the tax that has been assessed. Taxpayers have certain procedural and litigation rights depending on where in the process the tax issue is. Therefore, it is important to engage a knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney not only to help navigate the complicated process but also to protect your rights, including your constitutional due process rights!

If you or your business are currently having a tax issue, an Orlando tax attorney wants to help you. We can work with the IRS or Florida DOR to identify the cause of a dispute and fight for a fair resolution. We can also take the lead in helping you limit your future tax liabilities. Reach out to us now to discover how we could help you.


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