At Orlando Tax Law we work as a team to tackle a client’s tax matter and every case is overseen by an attorney.  A paralegal, Enrolled Agent, or CPA may be involved with certain parts of a case by acquiring information from the client or taxing authority, preparing returns, communicating with the taxing authority and the client, preparing drafts, etc.  All packages and other correspondence sent to the taxing authority is reviewed and approved by an attorney and it is typically an attorney that handles negotiations with examiners, auditors, offer specialists, revenue officers, appeals officers, revenue agents, and the attorneys for the IRS or other taxing authority.  

We work as a team for multiple different reasons.  There isn’t JUST one person assigned to a case which avoids cases falling through the cracks or issues with turnover.  If someone is out of the office, someone else can speak to the representative from the taxing authority.  It also helps to keep client costs down.