The Tax Attorneys at Orlando Tax Law frequently represent businesses and individuals in State and Local Tax matters, particularly against the Florida Department of Revenue or DOR. While the State of Florida does not tax individuals on income taxes, the State gets its revenue from many different sources and types of tax.

State Taxes for Individuals and Businesses

Unlike most other states, Florida has no income tax for any individual. Only Florida Corporations (C-Corporations) are subject to state income tax. Disputes can happen between business and the Florida DOR with respect to proper reporting and payment of corporate income taxes.

More frequently, we see disputes with the Florida DOR relating to its other tax laws, particularly sales taxes on consumer goods, use taxes, excise taxes, and reemployment taxes. In many instances, these payments happen automatically for individuals. Although, the burden falls on individuals to report purchases that occurred out of state and to pay use tax on the value of that item.

Most Florida tax matters impact businesses and their owners and managers since it is businesses that often have the compliance burden and responsibility to properly report and remit payment of taxes. These issues particularly impact Florida small businesses. The state and local tax attorneys at Orlando Tax Law frequently represent businesses and their owners or managers before the Florida Department of Revenue, particularly with regards to sales tax and reemployment audits and examinations, and collection matters. When the business is impacted, often the owners and other responsible persons in the business can be personally held liable and penalized for business tax liability.

If you and your business are facing a Florida DOR audit or examination or collection matter, you need strong representation to ensure that you have the assistance needed to navigate the matter while preserving your procedural protections.

Contact an Orlando State and Local Tax Attorney for Guidance

Reach out to an Orlando state and local tax lawyer today. We can provide more information about the tax issues you and your business are facing and help craft a plan to resolve your matter. If you are already experiencing a tax controversy issue such as an audit or examination, or a collection matter with a different state taxing authority, chances are we can assist with that as well. We frequently represent clients in their tax controversy matters in many other states and have had great success in dealing with the California Franchise Tax Board, Georgia Department of Revenue, North Carolina Department of Revenue, and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

We represent clients in non-Florida state tax matters on a case-by-case basis. Oftentimes, clients have both State and Federal issues and, for simplicity and expediency, it makes sense to have the same legal representation retained to represent a client in both State and Federal Controversy matters. Please contact us today to see if we can assist you in your state and local tax matter.

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